We weld elements entrusted to us by our customers or we prepare ready-made products based on submitted drawings or measurements made. We are able to propose their own project with the technical documentation.

Welding is one of the most effective methods to connect steel surfaces. Weld is a kind of connector resulting from a physical process of joining materials by their solidification.

We weld any aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel using TIG [Tungsten Inert GAS] method. Welding is performed in the shield of inert gases: argon, helium, or their mixtures.

We weld cast aluminum AC-AlCu4Ti BS EN 1706:1998 and aluminum for plastic forming BS EN 573-3:1995

We weld stainless steel, which has special physicochemical properties. Thanks to these properties, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, weather factors, acids and alkaline solutions, which have a corrosive action, such for example the ammonia.

Welding of the MIG / MAG / GMAW method which includes the following types of welding: frontal, parallel, overlapping, tee, double tee, diagonal, corner, repeatedly corner, cross, etc.

Welding with coated electrode MMA / MMAW / SMAW. This welding is very versatile and very popular and is used in industrial maintenance, repair, in steel construction and industrial production, etc.


Welding methods

1. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) / GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding), that is welding in the inert gases shield / cover like argon, helium or their mixtures.

The best method of high quality welding of connections is just TIG because it gives the possibility of welding parts in a wide range of material thickness and it is also possible to weld in various positions.

The materials welded by our company with use of this method are: carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum and their alloys.

2. Welding with an MIG method (Metal Inert Gas) / MAG (Metal Active Gas) / GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)

This is welding with use of a fusible electrode in the shield of inert gases of argon or helium. The active shielding gases which can be used in this method include carbon dioxide and its mixture with argon.

The materials welded by our company are carbon steel and stainless steel.

MIG / MAG / GMAW methods we use for:

– the production of gates, fences, railings, grids, etc.,
– regeneration / repair of car parts as bumpers and chassis
– in addition, we weld in this way transport containers, rubbish containers, structures for the banners, advertisements, etc.

3. Welding of the MMA / MMAW / SMAW methods, which means welding with a coated electrode.

This is a method of arc welding using a fusible metal electrode coated with a flux wrapper. The MMA / MMAW / SMAW method of welding is used in our company mostly in natural conditions and welded materials are mostly iron and carbon steel.

We do not use this method to weld pipes and piping components.

4. Welding of aluminum

For welding of aluminum we use TIG / GTAW AC / DC technologies. Electric current used in this method of welding is AC, which gives greater stability and control of the welding process.

Our welding offer included, among others:
– cracks of the wheel rims,
– oil sumps,
– all kinds of aluminum containers,
– trailers and semi-trailers made of aluminum,
– frames of all types,
– components of machine parts,
– structures for banners, standalone and portable advertisements.


Our company is providing services of mobile welding, i.e. welding on the spot at the customer’s.

We have welding equipment – TIG / GTAW, MMA / MMAW / SMAW and MIG / MAG / GMAW welding machines, we also have the power equipment like drills or grinders, etc.

The range of work performed by our company is:
– repair / welding an item
– disassembly and reassembly of a defective item
– replacement of the item previously repaired or made in our company

Mobile welding repairs involve such items as:

– containers,
– all kinds of structures and machines
– semi-trailers, trailers and carts
– fences, railings, gratings, gates, etc.
– agricultural machinery, construction and others
– bumpers, car sills, wheel arches, etc.

Mobile welding and repair services are directed at individual customers and entrepreneurs who regularly need such services. The condition to undertake technical work is access to an electrical outlet 230V or 380V and lack of substances and flammable materials near the place designated for work.

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